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Dear Mr. Davies,

I was just introduced to your website a few moments ago, and I want to congratulate you on a fabulous site – what a joyous experience! I run a small Junkanoo museum in my childhood home in Delancey Town in Nassau, and also do tours of Historic Nassau. But beyond that, the images in many cases evoke a deep sense of nostalgia, and a longing for what used to be.

Thank you again for this community service that you provide.

Best Regards

Arlene Nash Ferguson


Educulture Bahamas Ltd.

Dear Bob,

Thank you for gathering this oustanding collection.I was born and raised in Nassau and I am always interseted in pictures of our history.

Tanya Maycock

Dear Bob,
What a nice surprise to receive on my 76th birthday! Please keep me on your list.
I am a collector of old Bahamian postcards, and have seen three collections here in Nassau which can be described as huge, one in fact is owned by D. Davies! One develops a considerable affection for these souvenirs. I look forward to receiving more from you.  
I am also publisher of two books of old Bahamiana called Reminiscing I & II. Together they contain 500 photographs of old Nassau.
What is your connection with Nassau that makes you collect its postcards? My family has been here for 6 generations.
Kind regards,


I thoroughly enjoyed your site. I only go back to 1970 but I love the old pictures of Nassau - what a rich history!

Thank you for your site; it's now in my Favorites!

Lance Albury


Hello Bob,  another Nassau-born friend now residing on Vancouver Island shared your website with me, knowing my interest in preserving our history.
        I'm glad those 'oldie-goldies' fell into your hands of appreciation. What's the saying? - You can take me outta the islands, but you don't take the island outta me. Something similar.
        You have a treasure trove. I looked thru about half of them, and another block of time will enjoy the rest. You have the experience of teaching at an Out Island (yes, this old term dates me way back, born 1939.) I dreamed of teaching at an Out Island school some day. After college in Ontario, my vision changed to the Outback of Australia. Teaching 1963 at Queen's College in Nassau, I woke to choose marriage to an Oregonian, and moved to tall fir forest-country. I settled for reading about Australia. You did some of my early dream. Lucky you!- with a Bahamian wife and children bonus.
        Frederick Street comment on Melita's 1958. Many times I shopped there. Bought fabric for my 1964 honeymoon dresses there, and sewed them myself.
        People (I think), caption Anything today, Missus? Been there, knew that when the 'Tray Lady' came to us in Sears Addition. I watched captivated - How does she balance that load?
        Also The Queen. About 1950, daily she walked over the Montrose Avenue hill to make her appearance downtown, and retraced her steps in the late afternoon. Exquisite in white... tattle said that she had been to New York where she was crowned Queen!  
        What do your plan to do with this treasure? I could give lil more from my early recall, plus the history I continue to absorb as I write family stories for our descendants to know my heritage.
        Thankyou for the website.

Hi Bob,
You have assembled an amazing collection - well done!  Thank you for sharing it.   I particularly enjoyed all the scenes of Bay Street.  The last time I was on that road was two years ago.  Kevin's Uncle Bradley was driving.  It had turned into a one way street going East and was absolutely crammed with trucks, jitneys and cars.   We crawled along at a snail's pace.
B. Lightbourn Brennan, Vancouver Island, Canada.

Hi Bob, 
I have been looking on the Internet for information about Hatchet Bay, and enjoyed seeing your old photographs of Harbour Island.  I was hoping to see some pictures of Hatchet Bay because I lived there for a year in 1938 when I was 8 years old.  Would you have any in your collection?  I have a very few snapshots of the early community and they are in pretty poor shape.
My dad was the captain of the ship Arawak (and later, the Christiana) which brought supplies from Jacksonville, Florida.  Do you know when the cut was made in the land formation that made Hatchet Bay such a nice harbor?  My impression is that Mr. Levy from Rhode Island had it done so he could start his experimental dairy farm there, but it may have been done before that time.  Anyway, Dad took down ship loads of lumber, hay, cattle, and just about everything else needed at the time.  When we lived there, there were nine houses, period -- no store, no doctor, no church, no . . . anything.  Yet, I have very fond memories, and would love to know what it is like now.
Any suggestions of materials or persons that might be of help would be greatly appreciated.
Many thanks,
Harpswell, Maine
Can anybody help Jo with these questions, please??

All photographs and postcards are property of B.Davies and may not be copied without permission. For any information contact him at:- bob@therumelier.com
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